Description: This project was part of Embedded System Course (CSE537) taught by Dr Amarjeet Singh. In this project, we installed a Flyport having PIR, Light and Temperature sensors in one of the rooms of boy’s dormitory of our campus. Flyport was sending data to the local server (established by us) which was buffering the data and forwarding it to various Internet of Things (IoT) services. For further information: Embedded Systems 2013

Hardware Used: Flyport (Ethernet-based microcontroller), PIR Sensor (For motion detection), Maxim DS18B20 (1-Wire temperature sensor), APDS9300 (Light Sensor), Relay (To check if window is open/close)

Technologies Used: OpenPicus IDE (For flyport), Python (Server-side scripting – the web)

Teammate: Anil Sharma

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