Home Automation

Description: Z-Wave is a proprietary wireless communication protocol designed for home automation and works in the frequency range of around 900 MHz. The aim was to set up a Z-Wave based network to collect sense temperature, light, motion data. Along with this we also monitored appliance level power consumption and status of the door to check whether it is closed or open.

We used Raspberry Pi (SBC – Single Board Computer) as a web server to host an application that acts as a user interface. This web server provides (to the users) access to real time AC power consumption, room temperature and weather updates. The user can then select from any of the set temperatures, and a corresponding message is relayed to the AC using HSK-200Z,  an IR sensor capable of emulating buttons of any IR-based remote. Message relay occurs via HSC48 (Z-Wave based power module for monitoring power consumption of AC and switching it on or off) that takes the command on WiFi and encodes it as a Z-Wave command before broadcasting it to the Z-Wave network, for the end node. Web interface from current realization can easily be extended to mobile phones as well.

Hardware Used: Plug Computer and Raspberry Pi (Single Board Computer), Aeon Z-Stick, Everspring AN158 (Power Monitor), EZ Motion 3-in-1 Multisensor (Light, Temperature, and Motion), Everspring HSM02 Z­Wave Mini Door/Window Detector.

Technologies Used: OpenZWave Stack (C++), PHP based Web Interface to debug, analyze data collected from all sensors, and also actuate the Plugs. Python script to create CSV and upload it to Dropbox, MySQL Database. HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create the interface.

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