Milan Jain

To Create Something New, You Have To Recompile Yourself With The Latest Information


  • [2018] Received BHAVAN Fellowship from IUSSTF to financially support my visit to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA, USA for six months.
  • [2018] Received Overseas Research Fellowship from IIIT-Delhi to financially support my visit to MIT Media Lab, MA, USA for four months.
  • [2018] Received International Travel Grant from TCS Research to present my paper titled “Energy Efficient Thermostats for Room-Level Air Conditioners” in the proceedings of SmartObjects’18, co-located with CHI’18 in Montreal, Canada.
  • [2017] Received International Travel Grant from Microsoft Research India, SIGCHI, and ACM India-IARCS to present my paper titled “Portable+ – A Ubiquitous and Smart Way Towards Comfortable Energy Savings” at UbiComp’17 in Maui, Hawaii, USA.
  • [2016] Received Best Ph.D. Poster Award for the paper titled “Data-Driven Feedback for Optimized and Efficient Usage of Decentralized Air Conditioners” in PerCom’16 held in Sydney, Australia.
  • [2015] Received Xerox International Travel Grant from Xerox Research Center India (XRCI) and Microsoft Research Travel Grant from Microsoft Research India to present my paper titled “Non-Intrusive Estimation and Prediction of Residential AC Energy Consumption” at PerCom’16 in Sydney, Australia.
  • [2014] Received TCS Research Fellowship from TCS Research to provide financial support towards my Ph.D.
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