FMSM: Fusion Move Stereo Matcher Implementation

Description: FMSM (Fusion Move Stereo Matcher) is an implementation of fusion move algorithm and QBPO minimization in the existing code which can be downloaded from their website. Here you can find the faster implementations of the global methods (graph cuts and belief propagation) which are part of their MRF library. Here is C++ source code for MRF minimization and all benchmarks. The code in the first three files compiles with GCC 4 under Linux and Cygwin on 64-bit machines. 64-bit code is assumed by default; edit the Makefile for 32-bit machines. QPBO code was available from here. You can use this link to download the actual copy of the assignment.

We updated the code with the implementation of fusion move algorithm for stereo matcher problem as part of an assignment for PGM (Probabilistic Graphical Model) course offered by Dr. Chetan Arora in IIIT Delhi. Existing code had max flow and graph cut implemented, but fusion move includes submodular terms. Therefore we have also implemented QPBO to find out min-cut and energy minimization. The code is available on my GitHub account.

Technologies Used: C++

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